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On this page you will find some of the latest information on grant funding we have received. The details on this page are only a small proportion of the funders that may be available to support your church/project.

Seeking information regarding sources of funding for your project?

Try out our new Grant Funding For Churches tool. If you need support to develop a fundraising strategy or with writing funding applications or appeal letters, please contact Gary Watson - Lead Giving & Funding Adviser.

For the latest information, advice and support for giving, please visit our Giving latest webpage.

Movement for Good Awards December (deadline 30th Nov)

The Benefact Group are continuing their ‘Movement for Good Awards’ programme.

Churches or separate church projects can be nominated to receive an award and each nomination secures a place in their draw. More nominations means a greater chance of being selected.

In this last round for 2023, 120 x £1,000 awards are up for grabs.

In previous rounds in recent years, 3 awards have been received by churches/charities in our diocese.

To participate simply share the link below with as many people as possible and ask them to complete a nomination for your church.

Movement for Good - Nominate a charity for an award.

Please note: When completing the nomination form, it will only display the names of ‘registered’ charities. As most churches are exempt from registering you simply need to tick the box labelled ‘registration exempt’ and then type in the name of your chosen church.

Draws will take place every weekday between 1st and 18th December. Each individual can nominate a church/project only once but can nominate multiple churches/projects if they wish. On the day of each draw, all nominations received before midnight of the previous day will be entered into the draw and unsuccessful nominations will be carried over to the next day. 10 awards will be made in each draw.

Reduced VAT (5%) and CCL Exemption on Energy Bills for Churches 

Take a couple of minutes to check your latest energy bill to ensure that your church is being charged the correct rate for VAT. Churches have exempted charitable status and should only be charged VAT at the lower 5% rate. Additionally, churches should not be paying the Climate Change Levy (CCL).

Churches should always fill in a charity declaration when signing up with their energy supplier (or even afterwards if they forgot at first). Otherwise, as churches are classified as businesses and a church will pay 20% VAT and the Climate Change Levy (CCL).

Every energy company has its own form, and once accepted, your church will be charged only 5% VAT and will be exempt from CCL. Churches will generally be eligible for 100% relief, but some church halls will not be able to claim 100% charitable use.

If you have been paying the higher rate of VAT and CCL you should be able to reclaim this as you can ask to have your registration backdated for up to four years. 

To help you with this process, Parish Buying have created a list of Britain’s most popular energy suppliers and their corresponding landing pages, giving you more details on how to declare your charity status. It applies to electricity, to gas, and to oil. Find out more

Who to contact

For any queries and support with Grant Funding please Email:  or contact Natalie Wainwright, Lead Giving and Funding Adviser

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