Financial calendar

The diocesan financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December.


The diocesan budget is approved by Diocesan Synod by the end of October.

Reporting and documentation

To meet the diocese’s financial obligations and inform budget decisions, there are a number of key reporting documents that must be generated, completed and returned at specific dates. Below is your at-a-glance summary, and related forms are available throughout this section.

Date Document From To Relating to
January Survey (parish share/common fund) Diocese Parish Next year
January Return of parish share Parish Diocese Previous year
31 January Statistics for Mission* Parish Diocese (Finance) Previous year
30 April Return of Parish Finance* Parish  Diocese (Finance) Previous year
30 April PCC annual reports and accounts + Parish Diocese (Finance) Previous year
30 April Survey (parish share/common fund) Parish Diocese (Survey Return Officer) Next year
September Statistics for Mission Diocese Parish This year


* Diocesan Finance department forward forms to Archbishops’ Council in London for central collation and analysis

+ Documents held by diocese for collation and analysis

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