Parish Safeguarding Dashboards

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All Parish Safeguarding Officers listed on the diocesan database have been invited to take ownership of their Parish Dashboard. Around a half of parishes across all Archdeaconries are now signed up to the Parish Safeguarding Dashboard system. If you haven’t received your invite, it may have gone into your spam mail, or it may be that your correct details are not on the Diocesan database, so please get in touch. If you have received the invite, but not yet acted on it, it may have expired, in which case please get in touch so it can be reactivated.

This Dashboard enables Parish Safeguarding Officers, clergy and others invited by the PSO to see how the parish is progressing against the “ideal” parish safeguarding  standards set out in the Parish Safeguarding Handbook. It has template documents, and can produce an action plan for the PCC to identify what things need to be addressed most urgently. The Archdeacons can see all of the parish dashboards in their Archdeaconry, which means they no longer have to ask the safeguarding questions in the Articles of Inquiry if parishes are signed up, and the safeguarding team no longer need to carry out paper based audits.

The Dashboard works equally well on a computer or smartphone, and is intuitive to use – simply tick the answer that corresponds to safeguarding in your parish on a series of multiple choice questions, and that section of the Dashboard goes Green (you have reached or exceeded the required standard), Amber (you’re doing okay, but there are still some things you could consider) or Red (please take the action plan to your next PCC meeting, so that arrangements for safeguarding can be put into place).

Please see a demo of the dashboard and more details here: and if as a PSO you would like to sign up, please contact Ben.

Who to contact

Ben Goodhind, Safeguarding Manager