Christenings, weddings and funerals

Churches across the diocese are open for prayer, worship, funerals.

For all kinds of specific reasons, to do with both people and buildings, a particular church may or may not be able to open at the same time as others so if you do wish to visit your church for private prayer or wish to organise a funeral please do check with your local church.

Visit a Church Near You to find out how to contact your nearest church.

Funerals are now able to be held in church buildings in line with the Government's latest guidelines.
Open Funerals

Confirmation is a person’s public affirmation of their commitment to a life with Christ. Find out more.
Open Confirmations

Thinking of getting married and would like to find out more about having a church wedding? We’ve compiled various resources and links to help you make your decision and help you plan your special day.
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Baptism (or Christening) is when a person makes a public commitment to their Christian faith. Find out more.
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