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Within this section of the website are resources for Planned Giving promoters. We hope that every parish – large or small – will designate someone to be a Planned Giving promoter. It is a particular task which could be undertaken by a Treasurer, but it could equally be undertaken by someone who can communicate money matters but is not enthused by book keeping and reconciling whatever to which. God has given us all skills and abilities and they are not all the same. A Planned Giving Promoters’ Guide, which you can download below, offers advice and training.

The resources available through the Planned Giving menu in this section are here to be used and adapted. They are frameworks rather than templates. They are produced in the recognition that we are all busy people and quite often it is easier to start with something and amend it. Blank sheets of paper can be quite daunting.

We have endeavoured to produce a variety of resources for different times of the year. Over time, the resource library will grow – either as we generate new material, or as you send us your ideas to add.

We have a small team of Honorary Stewardship Advisers who visit parishes to work with them to encourage generous giving, with training and support from the Giving and Funding team. A role description is downloadable below. If you are interested in joining this team, please contact us.

Reimagining the Offertory helps parishes enable their offering to move closer to becoming both a joyful act of worship and a committed part of discipleship.  An offering should be an integral part of worship, far deeper than just passing round a bag or plate which can imply a merely spontaneous cash contribution to church running expenses.

A Giving Insight survey was carried out in 2011 to generate greater understanding of how givers act, how they think about their giving, and what motivates them. Parishes can use the results to better understand how to motivate people to give more generously. Download the survey, the summary leaflet and the full report below for more information.

Please remember that, whilst it is tempting to phrase everything within the context of keeping the Church going (giving to need), true Christian giving arises when we give in response to God’s love for us (needing to give). Most of us are on a journey towards the needing to give goal. Thank you for helping your fellow travellers.

Who to contact

Natalie Wainwright, Lead Giving and Funding Adviser

Or Email:


Giving Guide

Encouraging Giving Planned Giving Promoters' Guide

Hon Stewardship Advisers' role description

Developing regular giving

How can we increase our giving?

Giving for Life - standing orders and envelope schemes

Giving for Life - one way of looking at giving

Giving insight

Giving insight summary leaflet

Giving Insight full report

Taking stock

How it worked in one parish

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