Living in Love & Faith

Living in Love and Faith (LLF) is a range of resources to enable Church of England churches across the country to participate in a process of learning and praying together as part of discerning a way forward in relation to matters of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. They are to be used within the guidance set by the Pastoral Principles which were developed as an important part of the process to encourage everyone to examine attitudes that can be roadblocks to learning together, and to loving and trusting one another. The Pastoral Principles are:

  • addressing ignorance
  • paying attention to power
  • casting out fear
  • acknowledging prejudice
  • speaking into silence
  • admitting hypocrisy

The LLF resources explore these matters by studying what the Bible, theology, history and the social and biological sciences have to say, and by telling the real-life stories of followers of Christ with diverse experiences and convictions. There are a range of resources in a variety of formats including a five session short course and a set of short films.

Access the Church of England’s Living in Love and Faith Learning Hub

Getting the conversation started in Bath and Wells

The period of church-wide learning and engagement is taking place during 2021. It is anticipated the House of Bishops would then bring the discernment and decision-making to a conclusion in 2022 which would then be put before Synod.

Bishop Ruth, the Bishop of Taunton, said: “I welcome the opportunity these resources give us to listen and learn together to the voice of God and one another. Matters of identity, sexuality, relationship and marriage are foundational to good community and I encourage all of us to engage with the suite of learning materials with open hearts and minds, and with grace and compassion, over this next year.”

The diocese of Bath and Wells has appointed two ‘champions’ for LLF, the Archdeacon of Bath, Adrian Youings, and the Dean of Wells, John Davies. They will liaise with the national LLF team. The diocese held a ‘taster day’ to look at the LLF resources in March 2021, to which benefices were invited to send a representative.  Several people volunteered on that day to help facilitate conversations about LLF across the diocese, and training for those people is being undertaken.

Who to contact

If you have questions about LLF and how conversations should be held in the diocese, contact David Maggs, Jane Chamberlain or Graham Dodds.