Everyday conversations

As we think about life, faith and the world it’s good to talk with others and to hear what they have to say. It can help us think things through and reduce isolation. 

We have developed a pack of 40 question cards as conversation starters.  You can download a set of 40 questions to use – then just see where they take you!

What are the questions about?

Life, the world and faith: you can answer some in one word immediately, some take more thought.

What happens if I don’t know the answers?

Don’t worry, this is about starting a conversation, not about right or wrong answers! Just

  • Listen to someone else’s viewpoint
  • Think about how our own answers connect to what we believe

How do I get started?

You can download a set of the questions at the bottom of this page or get in touch with Julia Hill or Rob Norman with questions or to request a set of cards.

Some ideas for using the questions

You can pick questions randomly, do them in order or choose a card from one of the three themes: Life, Faith and the World. You could:

  • Have a conversation with those you live with or work with
  • Use it as a conversation starter in a group
  • Have a conversation over a pint
  • Go out on the streets and ask members of the public what they think
  • Share it on a WhatsApp group or other social media platform
  • Ask people to video their answers

Everyday Faith Conversations

If what you’re looking for is a conversation that more explicitly helps you reflect on your faith, you might like the 'Growing with God' leaflet. You can download at the bottom of this page. It gives you six questions for reflection on your life and relationship with God. 

Who to contact

For further support,contact your archdeaconry Go team advisers for Growing Faith and Everyday Faith.


40 Everyday Questions - cards to print

40 Everyday Question - cards for projection

40 Everyday Questions - simple list to print

40 Everyday Questions - formatted for external printer

Growing with God leaflet

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