Annual Readers’ Day

The annual Readers’ Day is an important day for ministerial development and celebration of Reader ministry in the diocese. In the morning, Readers gather for our annual Reader training event, and in the afternoon attend the Readers’ Service in the Cathedral.  At the start of the service,  all Readers reaffirm their commitment to serve God through their ministry as Readers. The Diocese, then,  welcomes newly trained Readers and those transfering from other Dioceses.

Booking for 2020 Readers day will be here early next year.

The day provides a chance to meet with other Readers, share experiences and learn from each other. An invited speaker challenges and encourages by speaking on a significant topic relevant to Reader Ministry.

The Warden of Readers hopes all Readers will make this day a priority. The day provides us all with fellowship, ministry development, reaffirmation of our ministry and community support for each other and the newly licenced Readers.

Upcoming Readers’ Days

We look forward to seeing you.

Previous Readers’ Days

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If you would like copies of any of the photos please email Leonie Jones. Our guest speaker was Bp Martyn Snow Chair of the Central Reader’s Council You can download the Readers Study Programme 2019 with news as well as details of the day

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