East Coker and Twapia

East Coker link co-ordinator Jacqueline Clough was one of the party who visited Zambia as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations.

"Much has happened since our visit to Zambia in April/May 2018. Breaking my femur in Lusaka airport delayed my visit by a further 2 weeks but it was a very special time when I  was shown huge kindness and visited by Dean Charley Thomas from Lusaka Cathedral of the Holy Cross , his wife Rachel, many friends & members of the Mothers' Union, and 2 Cathedral deacons, Kenneth Kasezya and Rabson Tembo, now both ordained. I have remained in touch with them all! Unfortunately my injuries prevented me participating in the celebrations in Wells in July 2018 but kind 'chauffeurs' enabled us to entertain Dean Charley Thomas at Ham Hill beauty spot; and  Bishop Derek Kamukwamba and his wife Evelyn for lunch in East Coker and a visit to West Coker where the Bishop enjoyed contact with a 600 year old churchyard yew tree and a tea party at East Chinnock.

"A year later, Summer 2019, and we were able to raise £1,800 to send to St Peter's, Twapia for the purchase of musical instruments for their Boys' Brigade band. They sent us photographs of the blessing and playing of the instruments and a video of the music. Thanks to money they raised themselves, and that sent from Bath and Wells, the roof has now been completed on the priest's house and progress made on the windows, plastering and the interior. All this was celebrated by a service on St Peter's Day attended by the Member of Parliament and his councillors."

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