Bishop Derek Kamukwamba visits Yatton Moor Team Ministry

Bishop Derek and his wife Evelyn were given a warm welcome on Zambia Sunday, writes Carole Perrott.

Bishop Derek and Evelyn came to us at Holy Trinity, Cleeve for lunch on 24th July after the service at St Mary's Yatton.  Our catering team prepared a buffet and the guests were welcomed by Rev Nigel Thomas and his wife, Nickie.  Evelyn sat with Mother's Union members who admired her blue and white MU skirt and they had an interesting exchange of conversation over lunch. 

Bishop Derek said the Grace and conversation flowed freely during the meal.  There was a very congenial atmosphere.

We had met Bishop Derek and Evelyn when they visited St Mary's some years ago when after the service one of our MU members had difficulty taking the steering lock off her van.  Rector Tim and Bishop Derek had tried to help but their priestly qualifications were not equal to the mechanical problem which was eventually solved by another passerby. One of our church members famed for her poetry had composed a monologue to record this event at the time and after the meal it was read to the Bishop who found it very amusing, as did we all! He was presented with a copy to take home.

After the meal and blessing given by the Bishop, Rev John Angle and his wife, Janet offered to take them to see St Barnabas as it was the only church in the Team Ministry that they hadn't visited.

We felt honoured to have had them both with us; the first time he had been to Holy Trinity and St Barnabas, but hopefully not the last



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