6 May 2020 – A range of on-line training opportunities are now available. Find out what courses are available on our website event calendar listing.

Training within the Diocese of Bath and Wells is designed to develop and provide integrated learning opportunities using a variety of day, residential and longer learning programmes for churches, clergy, Readers and lay leaders. The Training Team are also concerned with developing learning communities around the diocese where lay and ordained can learn together.

We also provide specialist training through other teams in Diocesan Support Services and you can find links to those courses on this page.

Training Courses & Training Days

Learning and Development Programme

The Learning and Development programme of events for the current academic year has been designed to to enable clergy, Readers and lay leaders to develop their gifts and talents in the service of God.

Click on the links above to see the courses on line. Alternatively, you can download the 2019-20 Programme of Events brochure below.

Events are spread across the three strands of learning; Inspiration for Mission, Inspiration for Ministry and Inspiration for Me. These reflect our need of refreshment in our personal walk with God, in our day to day ministry and in our sharing of the good news. In this year’s brochure we have also highlighted the Mission strand with the five marks of mission identified by the Anglican Communion. This is to help us remember some of the often neglected aspects of our calling to put mission and evangelism at the heart of all we do. Please do try to choose elements from each of the Mission, Ministry and Me strands so that you are well resourced in all aspects of life as a disciple of Christ.

This year we again have three identical Archdeaconry Days around the diocese for clergy and lay people to learn together. Clergy Day is an opportunity for clergy to come together with our Bishops for a day of worship, sharing and engagement.

Most Learning and Development events are open to all clergy, Readers and lay leaders. However, there are some days with a specific target audience. Look out for the labels in the brochure and on the on-line event calendar, which will indicate any specific audience.

If you know which courses you wish to attend, then you can go straight to our booking form.

Please do make the most of everything we offer.

Training to support parish administration

Training opportunities for education

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