Series 2: Christian Values

Series 2 of our Bible Chat Mats are now available as a free resource. There are 19 Chat Mats themed around Christian Values. Each Bible Chat Mat links to a well-known Bible story. If you have access to a Lion Storyteller Bible, we recommend using that version, but any age appropriate Bible will work. The 19 Christian values are: Compassion, Courage, Creativity, Forgiveness, Friendship, Generosity, Hope, Humility, Justice, Koinonia, Peace, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, Service, Thankfulness, Trust, Truthfulness and Wisdom.


Bible Chat Mat Instructions

Compassion (Jairuss Daughter)

Courage (David and Goliath)

Creativity (Creation)

Forgiveness (Joseph)

Friendship (Jesus chooses his disciples)

Generosity (The widows coins)

Hope (Abraham)

Humility (The pharisee and the tax collector)

Justice (The unforgiving servant)

Koinonia (The early church)

Peace ( Ascension)

Perseverance (The fiery furnace)

Respect (Ten Commandments)

Responsibility (Parable of the talents)

Service (Ruth)

Thankfulness (Ten Lepers)

The Lords Prayer

Trust (The centurions servant)

Truthfulness (Zacchaeus)

Wisdom (Solomon)


Who to contact

For further support, contact your archdeaconry Go team adviser for Growing Faith and Everyday Faith.

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