Series 1: 'Jesus the...'

Series 1 of our Bible Chat Mats are all themed as ‘Jesus the…’ and all 12 are free to download below. These help you to explore a range of New Testament stories.

Take a look at the Bible Chat Mat instructions for more ideas and inspiration.


Bible Chat Mat instructions

Palm Sunday Jesus the King Luke Chapter 10 verses 38 to 42

Jesus the builder Luke Chapter 6 verses 16 to 49 

Jesus the chef John Chapter 21 verses 1 to 14

Jesus the friend Luke Chapter 10 verses 38 to 42

Jesus the gardener Matthew Chapter 13 verses 31 to 32

Jesus the good shepherd Matthew Chapter 18 verses 12 to 14 

Jesus the miracle maker Matthew Chapter 14 verses 13 to 21

Jesus the party goer John Chapter 2 verses 1 to 11

Jesus the sailor Mark chapter 4 verses 35 to 41

Jesus the storyteller Luke Chapter 10 verses 25 to 37

Jesus the teacher Luke chapter 15 verses 11 to 31

Jesus the healer Luke Chapter 5 verses 17 to 26

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