Children and young people

Our diocesan Go Team aims to support, encourage, resource, value and equip all those working with young people, children and families. This includes paid workers and volunteers, trainee students, school chaplains, teachers, clergy, Readers and others.

  • Support: Providing high quality support and advice 
  • Encourage: Encouraging parishes and deaneries in what they are doing, and in new approaches that lead to culture change
  • Resource: Providing and signposting to relevant resources and events to enable mission
  • Value: Building and maintaining relationships with key people to enable ministry
  • Equip: Providing and signposting to appropriate training opportunities

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Growing Faith

Growing Faith is the movement that seeks to place children, young people and families at the heart of all ministry and mission.


Advice and guidance

Our diocesan Go Team offers advice, information and guidance on a range of topics relating to ministry with children and young people and families.


Resources and ideas

Our diocesan Go Team makes available a range of resources and ideas to enrich the Christian faith development of children and young people.


Training and equipping

Our diocesan Go Team provides training to better equip all those working with children and young people.


Events and gatherings

Our diocesan Go Team provide a range of events and gatherings for those working with children and young people as well as partnering with others to promote events for children and young people directly.


Bible Chat Mats

Bible Chat Mats allow children, young people and adults to read the Bible and have conversation together, whether around a meal table, sitting on the sofa or wherever works best.

Who to contact

Email the Go Team advisers for Growing Faith and Everyday Faith

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