Supporting healing ministry across the diocese

Diocesan Healing Advisory Group

The Healing Advisory Group is a voluntary group within the diocese that aims to support and inspire both lay and clergy within our parishes in Christ’s work of wholeness and healing for individuals, churches and communities. It seeks to provide a prophetic voice that speaks to both the wider Church and society on matters of wholeness and healing.

Below are some things led by the group and a list of the current members is at the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch with ideas for Healing Forums, setting up new Healing Wells, with articles for the newsletter or requests for information or ideas.

Healing Wells

We are working towards each deanery having a focal point or “well” of people that anyone can contact for help or advice with healing matters within their parish. It will be a place of support, sharing together and exploring the call to healing, learning to listen, and training.

If you are interested talk to your clergy and get in contact with Sue Whitehead and we can put you in touch with like-minded people with a heart for healing ministry.

Healing Forum

The forums are aimed at those involved in healing ministry or wanting to know more about it.

Through 2021 the Diocesan Healing Advisory Group offered opportunities for people to come together, reflect on the times we are living in and explore where healing is, can be and has been at work.

  • The first session in February, 'Healing in a World Turned Upside Down', explored the reasons behind the way we are feeling in this increasingly strange world and give us a chance to pray and reflect together as well.

  • The second session in April, 'Healing in a Time of Transition',  encouraged reflection on what we have learned during these challenging times and what do we need to continue with our healing ministries in the future.

  • The third session in July, 'The Journey Towards Health & Healing', featured special guest speaker Revd. Dr. Gillian Straine, Chief Executive Officer, Guild of Health and St Raphael (The Guild of Health and St Raphael).     

  • Our fourth and final Healing Forum of the year was a Wells Cathedral congregation  Evensong Service on Sunday, 3rd October, at 3:00pm.  The Revd. Dr. Gillian Straine joined us to preach at this Healing Service. 

Healing Courses

The Acorn Course is one that we recommend for developing skills in healing prayer.

The Diocesan Healing Advisory Group aims to run training days each year .

Healing Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter with updates about healing and wholeness across the diocese. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please use the online form and choose ‘Healing updates’

The Spring 2021 edition of the newsletter is now available to download below.

Diocesan Healing Advisory Group

  • Justine North – Chair
  • Gilly Bunce – Bishop’s Healing Advisor
  • Sue Whitehead – Administrator
  • Jonathan Clark
  • Miggs Clark
  • Ann Fulton
  • Margaret Hendy
  • Julia Hill
  • Rosalind Paul
  • Mary Styles
  • Sally Walters

Who to contact

Revd Dr Gilly Bunce, Healing Adviser

Justine North, Chair of Diocesan Healing Advisory Group

Sue Whitehead, Deanery and Parish Support Adminstrator


Healing newsletter - September 2021

Healing newsletter - Late Spring 2021

Healing newsletter - Winter 2021

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