Greenhouse gathers people together who are exploring how to do church differently, to learn, plan, find mutual support, swap ideas and see their new congregation grow. 

We provide a safe space to nurture these new  communities and help people develop their pioneering skills - as a greenhouse does for plants. 

Greenhouse will help both for those  who already have a  Fresh Expression or New Christian Worshipping community of some sort, or those who are thinking of starting or restarting one, through a process of accompaniment. 

No prior experience is necessary to join; just a commitment from your church to be part of the learning community for two years. 

What's involved

  1. Gather a team from your local church who want to start, restart or develop a new Christian worshipping community. 
  2. Join a learning community: meet twice a year with other teams to learn, share knowledge and plan your next steps. 
  3. Use just in time learning: we use materials called Godsend (web based or in a book) to help you take the next step as you need it. It uses the wisdom and experience of thousands of people who’ve learned to pioneer before. 
  4. Accompaniment/coaching: experienced pioneer enablers offer support  between the learning community gatherings. 

The 'listen first' missional journey 

A foundational principle of Greenhouse is 'listen first'.

We encourage a simple process that enables a new Christian worshipping community to evolve.

Listen to God and your community -  respond with loving service - Growing community - Exploring discipleship/share faith -Evolving worship/church  

Who to contact

Richard Priestley, New Christian Communities Development Lead (p/t)

Mandy Priestley, New Christian Communities Development Lead (p/t)


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