Generosity Week

Discover the joy of giving

At a time of great need, both in our society and in our churches, an exciting set of new resources has been developed by The National Giving Team to help us explore and reflect on how we can rise to the challenges that we are seeing and experiencing – The Generosity Week.

The Generosity Week is a set of helpful and inspiring resources intended to be used over the course of a week (or longer) to help us develop a better understanding and appreciation of God’s generosity and to inspire us to lead more generous lives.  

You can run The Generosity Week in your church at any time of the year.  Originally developed for harvest, a set of generic (non-harvest) themed resources will also be available.

Resources available for The Generosity Week include:-

  • Worship materials for two Sundays at the beginning and end of a Generosity Week (themed on generosity and gratitude)
  • 8 formal daily Morning Prayer services
  • Activities to help your church discover and share its generous stories
  • Guidance showing how to engage the wider community with the Gospel
  • A social media and marketing toolkit to help you promote your church’s Generosity Week. 

To encourage everyday acts of generosity and kindness, you can also encourage people to take part in The Generosity Week Challenge.  This can be done individually or with friends, family, colleagues or other members of your church.  There are also resources available to support this:-

  • Eight podcasts exploring generosity stories from different churches across the country
  • Daily devotionals on a Generosity theme
  • A daily generosity activity to complete each day of The Generosity Week.  

We hope that by the end of your Generosity Week you will have a deeper understanding of God’s generosity towards us and how we can live more generously in our daily lives.

The Generosity Week resources are available on the Church of England website.