Calculating Parish Share

In this diocese, the basic parish share calculation is done by taking current Church Regular Worshippers (reduced to allow new regular worshippers to be phased in over three years), and applying a weighted multiple according to the Category selected by the parish, to reflect the relative income of its regular worshippers.

This information is completed on the survey forms sent out to parish churchwardens in January, which are then returned to the diocesan office and scrutinised at archdeaconry level before being included in the calculation for the next year’s share.

Latest updates

  • The Common Fund Committee have taken a decision not to send the Parish Share survey in 2021. Due to the Covid pandemic, using the form for purposes of calculating 2022 Parish Share will simply not work at this time. Sharon Kindleysides, diocesan secretary and chief executive wrote to parishes in March 2021 to explain that decision, and you can download and read the letter below.
  • This followed her letter of November 2020 on the Parish Share Relief Scheme, which is funded entirely from DBF reserves, which you can also download below.
  • Official wording as to how the 2022 Parish Share is going to be calculated will follow.

Benefice Ministry Allowance (BMA)

In response to the priorities of the diocesan strategy, Bishop’s Council has approved a proposal to alleviate some of the additional burden on the larger, growing churches from Common Fund in order to facilitate their continual growth and necessary investment into parish-financed lay ministry.

This has been running since 2018 for an initial 3 year period, with qualifying parishes able to apply for an allowance. The allowances will be funded from the Mission Development Fund, not Common Fund.

Benefices may qualify for the allowance if they have:

  • More than 150 regular worshippers/stipendiary minister (excluding curates)
  • More than 100 regular worshippers in total.

Caps and Collars

As agreed by Bishop’s Council, caps and collars are used each year to limit the maximum increase or decrease in parish share for individual parishes year-on-year. For 2020, the following caps and collars will be in place:

  • Maximum increase in share (year-on-year)  – 15%
  • Maximum decrease in share (year-on-year) – 10%

Exceptions to caps and collars

There are some occasions where caps and collars may be removed from the calculation. In all cases these exceptions are subject to the approval of the Common Fund Committee:

  • A parish is going to or from an “S” category classification
  • A significant error in an earlier year survey form

In other cases, the caps and collars are applied automatically within the parish share calculation.

Who to contact

Jessica Cook, Parish Share and Stipends Officer


2021 Survey of Regular Worshippers

Letter from Sharon Kindleysides to PCCs about parish share survey - March 2021

Letter from Sharon Kindleysides to PCCs about Parish Share Relief Scheme - November 2020