Collective Worship

A daily act of collective worship is statutory in all schools, and must be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’.

We hope our Church schools will offer worship that is distinctively Christian and that reflects their ethos and values. In this special time of the day children have the opportunity to learn and to experience what it means to worship.

Worship will vary from school to school, from parish to parish and from time to time but will have at its core an aspiration to give space for the spiritual development of all who attend.

Worship will also draw upon and strengthen links with local churches and celebrate with them the major festivals in the Christian calendar.

We are glad to give support to all schools and academies in any aspect of planning, leading and evaluating worship. Our CPD page gives details of training courses, staff meeting and INSET opportunities.

The Church of England’s Worship Workshop website helps with planning and provides a wealth of resources. they also offer Faith at Home as a weekly resource for parents, church leaders and school leaders.

The Diocese of Leicester regularly uploads themes for Collective Worship, including documents for planning and recording resources. The Diocese of Canterbury has an extensive list of useful resources which you can find here.

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