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For the last five years, the Archdeaconry Days have formed an important gathering point in the year for people across the diocese to gather around a theme to explore and grow. As a result of the pandemic, they became an online event that took place across a week.

Following feedback, we are now renaming them, and they will be known as the Everyday Faith event. It will continue to take place across a week, but in 2023 we are optimistic that we will be able to add in and encourage some in person elements, as well as continuing to provide online content.

Our 2023 theme is: 

Everyone, Everywhere Growing in Faith

29 January – 4 February 2023

Sometimes being a Christian is hard work, we feel stuck in a rut, nothing changes, and we may even feel like we go backwards in our faith journey. At other times, it feels like our relationship with God grows and develops and we learn more about who He is and draw closer to Him.

In 2023 we are going to explore what faith growth means and looks like, affirming and encouraging you along the way. We will be providing video content throughout the week, a range of intergenerational resources and opportunities to gather both locally in your parish or deanery, as well as in a larger archdeaconry gathering. We will be seeking to maintain online opportunities, as well as in person opportunities so all can be included.

If you would like to plan this into your local work and so want to know what the 2023 offer will be, come along to one of our 45-minute briefings, where you can find out more and ask questions.

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Who to contact

For further support, contact your archdeaconry Go team adviser for Growing Faith and Everyday Faith.

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