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In these uncertain times, and without our usual patterns of life and worship, thinking about how we live out our faith day by day becomes even more important. The choices about how to do this are almost endless but below are some suggestions and resources that might help. For further inspiration visit the Coronavirus Prayers and Resources page.

Is our faith an everyday faith? Does it help us live and tell the story of God in our communities, through who we are, what we say and what we do, on a daily basis?

Everyday Faith has been the theme of our Archdeaconry Days. In 2019 the focus was on the small shifts that we can make in church to help us live out our faith in the world. The impetus came from the Setting God’s People Free report, which highlighted that 98% of the church is lay rather than ordained, spending around 90% of their time outside church and yet 59% felt that church did not equip them well for living out their faith in the world.  The Archdeacon of Wells, Anne Gell, leads an Everyday Faith and Discipleship group that continues to reflect on everyday faith and also support the development of events and resources.

In 2020, our focus was outside church. How do we live out our faith through our conversations and actions and how can we be sustained in that by prayer and the Bible?

The 2021 Archdeaconry Days focused on Prayer – Everyone, Everywhere!  Click here to access the resources, including videos featuring people from across the diocese talking about how they pray in different ways and contexts.

There are various resources designed to help churches and individuals live out everyday faith. The list below gives you an idea of what they are and downloadable copies are at the bottom of the page.  You will also find ideas on our Everyday Bible and Prayer Resources pages.

Everyday Faith Everywhere – 2020 Booklet

Simple ideas to discuss and try, focusing on how our conversations and actions reflect our faith and help us grow in faith and how we can be sustained by prayer and the Bible.  There is also a guide to using the booklet with groups.

Everyday Faith (in church) – 2019 Booklet

Some ideas for 7 small shifts to what we do in church that can help connect what happens in church better with our everyday faith.

Everyday Questions – (which were also used for the 2020 Bishops’ Lent Challenge)

  • Pack of Cards – Cards with 40 questions on Life, the World and Faith, designed to use with people of all ages. Cards can be requested by emailing Everyday Faith.
  • Printable Cards – Downloadable print version of the card pack
  • Projection Cards – Downloadable projection version of the card pack
  • The 40 Questions – Downloadable list of just the questions themselves

Everyday Prayer – Bookmark

To encourage regular prayer, with a short prayer for morning, reflection for evening and ideas for intercession. A supply of bookmarks can be requested by emailing Everyday Faith.

Everyday Bible – Bookmark

To encourage people to engage creatively with their Bible regularly and see how God can speak to them, in their context through it. A supply of bookmarks can be requested by emailing Everyday Faith.

Growing with God – Leaflet

Six discipleship questions that can be used for personal reflection or an accompanied journey.

How can I contribute? – Leaflet

Seven questions that can be used by people wanting to think what sort of ministry they might have. Can be used for personal reflection or an accompanied journey.

Encouraging one another – Trifold

A guide for groups of 3-4 to share how they are living out, and deepening, their faith, using the 5 Marks of Mission as a framework and inspiration.

Dwelling in the Word – Leaflet

A way of listening communally, and responding, to Scripture. Could be used to start church meetings or in the sermon slot.

Setting God’s People Free – Flashcards

Simple format to help share information about Everyday Faith with churches, PCCs, Deanery Chapter and Synods.

You can also read more about Everyday Faith in the Autumn  2019 issue of Manna magazine.

If you have any questions about resources or about any support that would be helpful for you, please contact Rob Norman.

Your stories and ideas

We’d love to hear how you are trying to help people connect their faith to their everyday life in your church and community. If you have anything that you would like to share please email Everyday Faith.

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