Children and Communion

The admittance of children to Communion is now a well-established practice within the Church of England. Baptised children who have not yet been confirmed, and who are not yet ready to be confirmed, may be admitted to Holy Communion provided that the conditions set out in the Regulations are satisfied. This is an exciting opportunity and process for churches.

The following steps need to be followed in order to admit children to communion prior to confirmation. In all instances those with parental responsibility must be content that a child be admitted to communion before confirmation and permission must be obtained from the diocesan bishop before a parish can admit any child to Holy Communion before confirmation.

  1. Interest shown by a parish/benefice.
  2. Initial discussions withing the PCC.
  3. PCC contacts Go Team Adviser expressing interest.
  4. Preparation and consultation with congregation.
  5. PCC to discuss in detail and vote on moving the process forward.
  6. Draft Parish Policy to be written and application form to be completed and sent to your Go team Adviser.
  7. Once approved by your Go Team Adviser, the policy must be agreed by your PCC. For the adoption of the policy there needs to be a two-thirds majority in favour. If carried, your Go Team Adviser will forward your documents to the Diocesan Bishop.
  8. Diocesan Bishop writes to the parish/benefice to give permission.
  9. Leaders teams appointed, parents informed, children identified, materials selected and preparation sessions for the children held.
  10. A record of children being submitted to communion needs to be kept by the parish/benefice.
  11. Admission service arranged and certificates given out.
  12. Process reviewed after year 1 and then tri-annually.
  13. Additional children to be prepared in the same way, with your records of children being submitted, being regularly updated.

There are a series of downloads below to help and guide you through the process, as well as some preparation material.

Who to contact

For further support, contact your archdeaconry Go Team Adviser.

Useful documents to download

Children and Communion Guidelines

Regulations document

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Application form (PDF format)

Application form (Word format)

Preparation material