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Explore the Bible with Bible Chat Mats

Bible Chat Mats allow children, young people and adults to read the Bible and have conversation together, whether around a meal table, sitting on the sofa or wherever works best. This activity can be done as a household, friends together, home group, Sunday group or in a school club. The sheets can be coloured and doodled on, allowing you to respond to the Bible story in your own unique way.

New Bible Chat Mats Series 4: Spiritual Habits



Series 4: Spiritual Habits

Suitable for 11+ and adults. This series of 13 Bible Chat Mats, with supporting Mats, has been designed with small groups in mind and as an everyday faith resource. 


Find previous series 1-3 below:


Series 1: 'Jesus the...'

Series 1 of our Bible Chat Mats is themed as ‘Jesus the…’ and all 12 sheets are free to download. These help you to explore a range of New Testament stories.


Series 2: Christian Values

Suitable for use by schools. Series 2 of our Bible Chat Mats are free to download. 


Series 3: Life Issues

Suitable for 11+. This series of 14 Bible Chat Mats has been designed with young people and teenagers in mind and is free to download. 



We also have three seasonal Chat Mats for Easter, Harvest and Christmas and a Lord’s Prayer Bible Chat Mat which are all free to download.

The Go Team commissioned illustrator Andy Gray to design the Bible Chat Mats. Check out more of Andy's work.

Some of the Bible Chat Mats contain the 4points logo. They have been used by permission of

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