Appointing a Treasurer

The Parish Church Council (PCC) may appoint any one or more of its members to act as Treasurer. The Churchwardens act as Treasurers of the PCC when:

  • they are so appointed by the PCC or
  • the PCC does not appoint anyone else as Treasurer, in which case the Churchwardens act as ex-officio Treasurers to the PCC.

But if the Churchwardens happen in either of these ways to become Treasurers to the PCC, their powers and duties in that capacity are neither more, nor less, than those of any other parochial church councillor who may be appointed to the office of Treasurer.

A PCC may wish to appoint as Treasurer a person who is not a member of the PCC. There is no objection to this, provided that the person elected as Treasurer is then co-opted to the PCC.

Downloads below show a Job Profile for a new Treasurer, a Personal Specification and a checklist of what to do to hand over the finances when there is a change of PCC Treasurer or Incumbent.

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