Chaplaincy training

On-going training and support is offered to all chaplains. We meet regularly to pray, share ministry and learn. Recent sessions have focused on ‘Culture, Justice and Advocacy’, ‘Peer Supervision’ and ‘Mental Health First Aid’.

Exploring Chaplaincy

This eight session course will explore what is distinctive about chaplaincy, the theology of chaplaincy and what chaplains actually do. Read a one page introduction to the course.

Exploring Chaplaincy  is appropriate for anyone who is discerning whether chaplaincy is something God may be calling them to, or for anyone soon to take on a chaplaincy role or someone who has just started as a chaplain.

People who have done Exploring Chaplaincy previously have said:

‘Thank you to you for increasing my awareness and helping me to grow spiritually, as I continue on this journey that God has set before me. The openness, sincerity and faith will be a part of my building blocks in going forward – thank you.’

‘I’ve found Exploring Chaplaincy so helpful personally but also empowering in so many ways, I know I shall be able to be a better chaplain for having done the course.’

‘Thank you for the Exploring Chaplaincy course, after a long day training can feel a step to far but it has been such a blessing to meet and hear from others and to reflect after each session.’

‘I’ve really enjoyed Exploring Chaplaincy – it’s just a shame it’s almost over!’

Dates and times

The next course will take place from 10:00 - 16:00 on Tuesday 14th September and Tuesday 5th October at Flourish House, Wells, BA5 1FD

Please use the booking form below to register for Exploring Chaplaincy.


Exploring Chaplaincy is free if you live in Somerset, North Somerset or Bath and North East Somerset [BANES] or if you are a member of a faith community or serving in a chaplaincy within Somerset, North Somerset or BANES. 

If neither of these apply to you, we ask for a contribution of £50 per person for the course to cover costs.

Who to contact

Please contact Mike Haslam if you have any other questions about Exploring Chaplaincy.

Allie White, Chaplaincy Administrator


Exploring Chaplaincy - a summary

Reading list

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Exploring Chaplaincy
This eight session course will explore what is distinctive about chaplaincy, the theology of chaplaincy and what chaplains actually do
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