Lay courses

Lay training exists to help each of us fulfil our God given call. God calls all people to be his disciples, just as Jesus called everyone to follow him. Too often we think God’s call is only for the ‘super-spiritual’, the saints, the clergy, the holy people. But there are many roles in the kingdom of God and all of us have gifts, given by God. Luke 10:1 talks of Jesus sending out 70 disciples after teaching them. Some went on to be leaders but many continued as fishermen, tax collectors, home makers. Sharing, in their everyday lives, their work and neighbourhoods about the Jesus they had met and learnt from. Further training in the Bible, theology and ministry can help us better use our gifts.

Lay training

The local church through home groups, lent courses, outreach and other activities provides the first place for learning. The diocese provides a second stage for more in depth learning and specialised ministries. The following courses are provided by the Diocese:

The following courses are provided by the deanery using diocesan materials, and you should talk to your minister in the first instance:

  • Exploring Worship explores the nature of worship and how to construct and lead different types of services.
  • Exploring Pastoral Care explores how to listen and care for people and how to visit parishioners and others in the community.

Lay Ministries office

The Lay Ministries Developer with the Chaplains for Discerning Calling are here to help lay people uncover their calling and ministry. Sometimes, but only sometimes, that will be a calling to do something in the church. However, it will always be a calling to be a disciple in home, work and community. God calls us not just to be clergy or teachers or medics but also to be godly cleaners, executives, shop assistants, or farmers. Where ever you find yourself, God would like to use you to share God’s love with those around you.

The Chaplains for Discerning Calling are here to help you assess your gifts. In the light of those gifts you can explore how God wants you to use them.

The Lay Ministries office provides the training for your calling. This might be more in depth knowledge of the faith or training for specific, mainly, church based ministries.

Further training

Besides training offered in the diocese you can explore theology training with the following organisations and institutions:

Uncredited A level type courses:

University Level Study for interest or award as part-time study local:

Part-time, distance or online University Awards:

MA Level Study

For more details download the Courses for Theological Study which includes some guidance on funding.

Who to contact

Jill Perrett, Developing Ministries Adviser

Sophie Moore, Resources and Programme Support

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