Quinquennial inspections

Cleaning church windows

Every five years, your church building should be inspected by a suitably experienced and qualified professional. They will help you make sure your building is kept in good repair. The national guidance will help you with choosing and working with your Inspector, and preparing for and receiving the report.

It is recommended a PCC should interview at least three candidates to ensure the best fit and productive relationship. A PCC can appoint their preferred choice, who does not have be on a DAC recommended list, however we still ask that the DAC is consulted by notifying the DAC Secretary.

Looking for an expert conservation architect? Take a look at the AABC Register

The architects listed on this Register have all been assessed as to their individual knowledge and experience in conservation work by their peers in a team which also included a knowledgeable non-architect to ensure an element of public participation in the assessment process.

The Miscellaneous Provisions Measure 2020 (Section 7) came into force on September 1st, which makes some changes to the process for appointing Inspectors, and also who may be thus appointed.

Best practice notes are also available for architects and surveyors issued jointly by the Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association and the Church Buildings Council, which describe how to integrate environmental matters into Quinquennial Inspections and project work as part of our path to Net Zero Carbon.


Church Buildings Council: Sustainability and Net Zero Carbon best practice note

Who to contact

Jacqui Carreira-White, Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) Secretary

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