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In this section of our website you will find a range of resources, policies and templates that support the work of Parish Safeguarding Officers (PSOs) and other church officers.

How to Guide: Safeguarding Dashboards

How to start using dashboards

Safeguarding has changed considerably in recent years. New policies and procedures are making organisations safer, but they have also significantly increased the amount of administration for safeguarding officers. Safeguarding Dashboards make administration and governance simpler for everyone.

• takes you through all the safeguarding tasks that need to completed by a parish so that you know you have done all you need to do. The aim is to provide safeguarding officers with everything they need in one place, removing the need to have multiple handbooks, guides and manuals to hand.

• illustrates how the parish is progressing against the 'ideal' parish safeguarding standards set out in the Parish Safeguarding Handbook. It has template documents and can produce an action plan for the PCC to identify what things need to be addressed most urgently

• Removes the need for safeguarding questions in the Articles of Enquiry and paper-based safeguarding audits as the archdeacons can see all of the parish dashboards in their archdeaconry

• works equally well on a computer or smartphone, and is intuitive to use – simply tick the answer that corresponds to safeguarding in your parish on a series of multiple choice questions, and that section of the Dashboard goes Green (you have reached or exceeded the required standard), Amber (you’re doing okay, but there are still some things you could consider) or Red (please take the action plan to your next PCC meeting, so that arrangements for safeguarding can be put into place).

Find out more about the dashboards and watch a demonstration.

 Sign up for a dashboard by emailing providing:

1. Your safeguarding email address - every PSO post should have a dedicated email address which is only used for safeguarding work. This ensures that that all communication records are retained.

2. Details of your parish/benefice/deanery and archdeaconry.

How to Guide: I'm a new Parish Safeguarding Officer, where do I start?

1. Wait! Before we start, have Safer Recruitment procedures been followed? Ensure all necessary steps of safe recruitment have been followed before you begin.

2. Meet with your incumbent and if possible retiring PSO to discuss any current safeguarding matters / individuals of concern within the church. Find out what process is in place for recording safeguarding data in your parish.

3. Notify Leonie Jones, Safeguarding Co-ordinator that you have been appointed by the PCC and whether a previous PSO will be stepping down via attaching the Data Privacy Preference Form. If you will be involved in DBS ID checking you can also complete the New ID Checker Form to request to be set up to be a DBS checker for your Benefice and include it in the same email.

4. Complete your online training: Basic / Foundation / Awareness of Domestic Abuse and Safer Recruitment via the Church of England’s Safeguarding Portal.

5. Attend Safeguarding Leadership Training. Dates can be found on the Diocesan Website’s event calendar.

6. Sign up for Parish Safeguarding Officers Induction training course. Dates for these can also be found on the event calendar.

7. Sign up for the Safeguarding Dashboards by emailing

8. Keep an eye out for our monthly Safeguarding Newsletter. 

9. Attend our Quarterly PSO Forums (dates and details are included in the newsletter).

10. Make a note of our contact details and don't forget, the Safeguarding Team is here to support you.

Clergy and Church Officer Wellbeing

The Safeguarding Team receives a large number of calls relating to the wellbeing of Clergy and other church officers. If ever you feel that wellbeing support is needed, either personally or for someone you know, you can access the relevant information and support below:

Counselling and Wellbeing


In the first instance please visit the Recruiting Staff pages of the website for more detailed information and guidance. These pages include sample application forms, Interview Questions and guidance on writing Role Descriptions and Person Specifications.

The Church of England offers an online guide which goes in to all aspects of Safer Recruitment. Both this and the Safer Recruitment and People Management training available via the portal are fantastic resources to aid in recruiting new employees and volunteers

Safer Recruitment and People Management FAQ

Confidential Declaration

Promoting a Safer Church resources and Safe Spaces Posters

We have produced two new resources to help promote safeguarding in your context. Please do use them where appropriate and share any feedback on the new materials with the Safeguarding Team.

Promoting a safer church poster (PDF) - updated 13 2 23

Promoting a safer church business card (PDF) - updated 13 2 23

Safe Spaces Poster

Safe Spaces Poster with tear-off number (male)

Safe Spaces Poster with tear-off number (female)

Useful Guidance and Documents

• We follow the national legal and procedural framework for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and Church of England policy and practice.

• We support national policy from the Church of England including following the practice guidance Responding Well to Victims and Survivors of Abuse.

Diocesan Statement on Domestic Abuse

Below is a small selection of 'frequently requested' templates and resources. If there are any you would like to be included please let us know. More templates can be found on the Church of England website.

Department of Education Safeguarding Guidance for providers of After-School Clubs, Community Activities and Tuition

Lone Working Guidance

Model Consent Form - Photography and Recording

Model Equal Opportunities Policy

Model Parish Safeguarding Policy

Model Registration Form - Activities and Trips

Model Risk Assessment Template

Model Safeguarding Statement which can be included with church hire agreement

Parish Safeguarding Handbook

Recruitment of ex-offenders

Who to contact

Contact the Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding logo people paper chain


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