Environmental Fundraising, Part 1 - Opportunties

Date: 7th September 2021

Time: 12:00 - 13:30

The Church of England regularly runs webinars on Getting to Net Zero topics. Fundraising is competitive, and there is no easy answer, but the two webinars will help get you started. Part 1 covers environmental funding opportunities and Part 2 covers how to fundraise. They recommend attending both sessions, at lunchtime on Tue 7th Sep and Thur 9th Sep. . 

  • An introduction to the funding landscape for environmental projects in churches, including the Covid-19 context
  • What are the different types of funding available: trusts and foundations, statutory grants, loans, corporate support, individuals, public campaigns?
  • What are the success rates in applying for these types of funding?
  • Which type of funding is suitable for different projects, both in scale and type?
  • How and where can you find out about the opportunities for you, and what do you need to look out for?

Note: The webinar is longer than usual, at 1.5 hours, to allow more time for questions.

Speaker: Andrew Evans, Senior Consultant, Philanthropy Company

Andrew is an experienced fundraising director and consultant who has secured seven figure donations from both individual donors and grant-makers in areas including churches, arts and heritage, health and community development. This has included environmental projects such as LED lighting projects and adding insultation when re-roofing. He also brings strong credentials and personal commitment to environmental sustainability projects, including working pro bono to help his own church secure its Gold EcoChurch award.

Register on Zoom: the course is free but registration is required.

You can find videos of past webinars on the topic of Getting to Net Zero on the Church of England website.

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