Learning about a more sustainable approach to flower-arranging

22nd November 2023

More than 40 church flower arrangers from 15 churches across Taunton Deanery, including the Quantock and Seven Sowers Benefices, together with friends from St George’s and St John Fisher RC churches joined the Flower team at St James’ in Taunton to learn how to arrange flowers in a more environmentally friendly way. 

Floral foam, the sponge-like foam that is also known as oasis, has traditionally been used by flower arrangers for its ease and convenience, but research suggests the foam contains the same amount of plastic as 10 plastic shopping bags, isn’t biodegradable, is non-recyclable and can be toxic for both humans and animals. With that in mind the Flower team at St James' Church wanted to learn how they can create displays for the church which don’t use foam and can be done in a more sustainable way. 

The team invited Angie Blackwell of Cottage Flowers, in Ilminster to show them how. And, knowing that other churches have historically used the same foam, they used the opportunity to encourage others to come along and learn how they too can switch to more environmentally friendly methods of arranging the church flowers. 

Lyn, a member of the St James’ team said, “Angie shared lots of hints and tips as she demonstrated creating a wreath, a swag, and a beautiful pedestal arrangement.  

“I for one certainly came away more confident in moving away from using floral foam (the only product I have ever used) and take another step toward an eco-friendlier ministry in flowers.”  

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