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20th December 2021

Living in Love and Faith logoChurch communities across Somerset are being encouraged to take part in a process of learning and praying together as part of discerning a way forward for the Church in relation to matters of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

There are a range of Living in Love and Faith (LLF) resources to help facilitate the conversations on a dedicated Learning Hub. They include two versions of a 5-session course for local groups - one for youths and young adults and another for general use. They are designed to facilitate open, honest, and gracious learning and discussion among churchgoers across the country.

Churches have been asked to take part in the course by the end of April 2022 and to share their learnings, reflections and insights via the online hub or email. Individuals can also respond the same way. This is understood to be the most extensive undertaking of any church to hear and articulate as wide a range of voices, lived experiences and theological understandings as possible on these issues.

The course examines the six roadblocks - prejudice, silence, ignorance, fear, hypocrisy, and power - that impair relationships, hinder our personal growth as Christians, and create barriers that stop our churches from growing into Christian communities of welcome and belonging. They draw together the Bible, theology, science, and history with powerful real-life stories.

Churches can go through the course themselves, or if they wish, utilise one of the 21 Bath and Wells facilitators. Find out more about LLF and how you can take part at

This article features in the January 2022 edition of our Manna mailing.

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