New bell-ringing training centre opens at Holy Trinity Church in Street

20th October 2023

A new bell-ringing training centre has opened at Holy Trinity Church in Street. Learners can now develop their skills without disturbing the peace of neighbouring residents and schools.

Muffles are attached to clappers so the bells can’t be heard outside of the church. Inside, sensors attached to the bells provide the new ringers with feedback to tell them how well they are doing. A  simulator, feeds back the outcome of their efforts but this can only be heard inside the bell tower. The new system helps people learn more quickly, without however disturbing the peace.

Across the country there is a shortage of bell ringers, more are needed, and bell ringers locally are keen to encourage more people, especially younger people to come forward to learn. The Glastonbury branch of ringers who cover Wells, Glastonbury, Street and surrounding villages, are particularly short of recruits.

Mike Palmer, branch secretary and Tower Captain at St John’s Glastonbury said: “This will provide a wonderful opportunity for people, young and old, to learn a skill exercising mind and body – and make a real contribution to the community.” The Centre officially opened on in October at Holy Trinity Church in Street.

Mike said, “Church bells are part of the nation’s heritage, they call worshippers to church, and they remind us of the passing of time. In the past, before the days of clocks and watches, they called people home or to work, to do what they needed to do, in time. And they are something that can shared by people of all cultures and backgrounds.

Please email if you would like more information.

For full information on ringing in Bath and Wells, visit the Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers website:

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