Art exhibition to mark Anti-Slavery Day

21st May 2024

An art exhibition to mark Anti Slavery Day (18 October) is to be held at Taunton Minster from 18 October until 23 October to help raise awareness of modern slavery. The exhibition will be opened on 18 October by the Lord Lieutenant. On Sunday 20 October Bishop Michael will speak at Evensong at the Minster. 

Hidden Voices Bridgwater the organisation behind this initiative, is extending an invitation to artists to contribute their art works for the exhibition.  Artists are encouraged to create pieces that vividly illustrate the realities of modern slavery. In this way it is hoped the power of art will help convey the urgent and often hidden nature of this human crisis. 

According to the International Labour Organisation, around fifty million people worldwide are living in conditions of slavery. One in four of these are children. Every day around 22,000 people are coerced into slavery. In the UK alone, experts estimate that some 150,000 vulnerable people are trapped in modern slavery. Sian Owen Hidden Voices co-ordinator says, “These stark statistics clearly illustrate the critical need for increased awareness and action.”

To further draw public attention to this issue, Hidden Voices Bridgwater is also planning to utilise one of the large, illuminated signs on the main A38 near the town. This prominent display is intended to catch the attention of passersby and bring the issue of modern slavery to the forefront.  

Sian will be on hand in the Minster on the 18 to answer any questions people may have. She says, “It is truly horrifying to acknowledge that in 2024 slavery continues to exist, even within Somerset. This exhibition seeks to shed light on this grave injustice and inspire collective action to eradicate it.”

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