‘16 new deacons in the Church of God’

25th September 2021

It was a joyous occasion as the Bath and Wells new deacons were ordained at Wells Cathedral on Saturday. Bishop Ruth who led the service said, “It was so exciting. The choir were absolutely stunning and just lifted our hearts as we celebrated with our wonderful brothers and sisters.”
Speaking at the service Bath and Wells Rural Adviser, Rob Walrond, talked about soil, he said, "I’m a farmer so I’m going to talk about something that I’m familiar with. As far as I can make out, when Jesus was talking to people he talked quite a bit about soil, and growing things and sheep. He made reference to everyday things that people saw around them – sometimes saying, “This is what the Kingdom of God is like”, or he would tell them a parable and leave a thought hanging – for people to think about and join the dots. You see, it’s a real privilege to be a Christian and a farmer because not only do I get to work with God’s amazing creation every day, but I have a head start when it comes to joining the dots with some of the parables.

"So please, humour me whilst I talk about soil a bit, and hopefully you will see some parallels with your life, or your understanding of faith – and then, take a moment or two to join the dots."

He went on to say, "Ordinands, through nudges from God and careful tractor driving by Sue and Mandy, you have been placed with care and precision into your communities. Those of you in these communities, be good soil to them, help them find where God is already working." You can read the full text of Rob's address at the bottom of this page.
Each new deacon was able to invite 10 guests. While other family, friends, and supporters were able to join the service online. Ruth Motion who will be serving her curacy in the Benefice of Cheddar, Draycott and Rodney Stoke, said, “It was a really beautiful service. You could really feel God at work. It is so nice to have got to this point, it seems to have taken so long. It’s lovely to come out and share it with everyone.”
Steve Miles, Benefice of Chilcompton with Downside and Stratton on the Fosse, echoed the sense of joy and celebration, “It was a bit emotional when you were presented before the Bishop, but it was very peaceful and moving.”
Imogen and Jon Ball who will serve a joint curacy in Benefice of Trull with Angersleigh, said after the service, “It is so great to have so many people supporting us. We’re really grateful and very excited for what lies ahead.”
In her Charge Bishop Ruth asked the ordinands to focus on these words:“Deacons are to be faithful in prayer, expectant and watchful for the signs of God’s presence, as he reveals his kingdom among us." She told them, “This is an attitude, a charism, a way of being. Prayer is at the heart of all we do. As we enter into a conversation with God, with its silences as well as its words, so we discover 
more of his heart and see through his eyes. And that is when the kingdom is revealed!I pray that you will each be gathering seeds of faith, planting them in the fertile soil of hearts and lives of those around you, and in time, seeing the shoots and fruits of the harvestwhich God has  invited us to join in reaping. And as you do so, may God reveal his love, which is as deep for you as for anyone else!”
You can see more photos and videos from the day on the Bath and Wells Facebook page.
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