47 people are confirmed at Wells Cathedral

19th November 2021

47 people from across the diocese were confirmed at Wells Cathedral by Bishop Ruth and Bishop Alistair Redfern. Children, young people, and adults, the oldest of which was 82,  affirmed their faith in Jesus Christ.
They included pupils from Milfield School some of whom have been preparing with their chaplain Revd Michele Kitto, “I thought it was really fantastic and very special to gather together in the Cathedral as one. It brought together all ages and genders, and illustrates that the Body of Christ comes in all shapes and sizes. For my pupils it was an opportunity to see other young people and feel a part of the diocese as a whole.”  
Among the group being confirmed was 62-year-old Andrew Whitcombe, from Glastonbury, who recently returned to live in the town where he grew up. Not long after he moved back Andrew approached the team at St John's Church to discuss confirmation. “I’ve always believed in God and Jesus Christ, so praying for help and guidance seemed the obvious and natural thing to do. Things really did start to improve (in my life), which strengthened my faith enormously, God and the power of faith and prayer were unquestionably real and at work."
Andrew says he was concerned he would stand out as one of the very few adults being confirmed at the Cathedral, but he needn’t have worried as many other adults stood alongside him to celebrate the hope and joy that faith gives us.“The ceremony was really special and moving and I could literally feel The Holy Spirit entering me, I have been on a high ever since. The closest thing I can relate to it is the feeling of being in love, I don’t want it to end, and I want to be in that moment for the rest of my life.”
Tiffany who is 12, was also confirmed, she said she had been looking forward to the service for sometime, “I was extremely excited due to meeting the bishops and finally getting confirmed after a long wait. Along with excitement I felt nervous mainly because I thought that I would trip and fall in front of the bishop! I didn’t. But when I finally got up and greeted the bishop, a bit of the nerves dissipated . The bishop planted his hands on my head and signed the cross. Overall, it was a really exciting.”
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