Manna Mailing: Empowering young people

30th April 2024

We are all called to live and tell the story of Jesus. For young adults this calling can sometimes be challenging, they often encounter indifference or even hostility. In Bath and Wells we strive to support our young people and encourage them to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to guide and empower them.

Revd Rich Miles, Missional Priest for Youth and Young Adults says,

“Young people are open to exploring who God is, who they are in God and finding the love of Jesus. So, with those things in mind, the question for us to think about is how do we as the church welcome young people and make them feel at home, in our local churches?

“And how do we make it feel like it's their church and that they have a part to play?”

In Bath and Wells one of the things on offer are Movement Worship Night gatherings, hosted in multiple locations across the diocese, offering young people a chance to come together and connect with God through worship, relevant bible exploration and prayer. We’re also in the process of developing a Young Leaders Learning Hub. This aims to help equip young people with basic leadership skills and offer mentorship so they can serve and have a greater impact in their local church and in the communities where God has placed them.

This year we’re collaborating with some of our schools chaplains across the diocese in taking young people on pilgrimage to the Taizé Community in France, offering them the opportunity to experiencing the presence of God, through prayer, reflection and worship.

Find out more about resources and support for young people in Bath and Wells on the children and young people section on our website.

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