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22nd June 2023

On Thursday, 6 July we are running a training day that is essential for awareness of addition that will be of benefit to everyone, especially those in leadership.

The session, which will run from 10am to 16:30, will be led by Peter Watts, a qualified and experienced therapeutic counsellor and facilitated by Sally Walter, diocesan Counselling and Wellbeing Adviser.

Sally Walters explains, "Many of us will be affected by addiction, a personal struggle, family, friend, or someone in your church. Christians are not immune from difficulty with alcohol, pornography, gambling, drugs, technology, or food addictions. We are running a workshop day looking at different behavioural addictions and how to support those of faith who struggle with them. With reference to modern research, we will look at the biology, psychology and sociology impacting both addiction formation and recovery. Consideration will also be given to the impact of shame and spirituality/faith, as well as the impacts on partners and family members of those addicted. Finally, the day will consider the role of faith in recovery and the journey of recovery as Christian discipleship."

The day ‘Behavioural Addictions and Support for those Struggling’ is on Thursday 6 July 10am - 4.30pm Flourish House.

Please register for this event via the online form.
If registering for this event, please make every effort to attend (unless acute urgency) as we are paying this speaker. 

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