Manna feature: A lifelong journey

31st August 2023

As Christians we’re not called to attend church, we’re called to follow Christ, to be His disciples. But how do we respond to that call? And how is your relationship with Christ?

Cheryl Govier, Growing Faith Adviser for Bath and Wells says, “As Christians, we are all on a journey and it is really important that we grow as Christians as we journey with God. As with any journey, and any relationship, sometimes it can feel that things are going really well, while sometimes it can feel static or even as if it’s going backwards.”

With so many demands on our time, in church and outside church, our discipleship can be a bit neglected, but we can all learn to make time to reflect on our faith as we live out our daily lives. In the last few years people from across Bath and Wells have gathered together at our Everyday Faith events to do just that - and we have also gathered to celebrate with those marking personal landmarks in their journeys with Christ, both lay and ordained.

David Ball of the Gold Project, one of the resources we signpost in Bath and Wells to support discipleship, attended the Celebration of Lay Ministries in June, he says, “We want to encourage all Christians, not just those on the path to theological college, to become life-long learners and to encourage people in their discipleship. Discipleship doesn’t stop when you become a Christian, it keeps going your whole life. Many people worry that they aren’t equipped to engage with the Bible, but we all can. Yes, it may raise difficult questions, but we shouldn’t be afraid of addressing them, especially as we aren’t doing so alone.”

“Most importantly, we should not be afraid of being educated in our faith.”


This article featured in the September 2023 edition of the Manna mailing.


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