Living 'Life to the Max'

29th September 2022

After a three-year gap, 'Life to the Max', Bath and Wells outdoor activities holiday for young people from clergy families, returned. This year there was a new venue and lots of new features. 22 young people aged 11-18 and a team of leaders spent the weekend at the Mendip Outdoor Activity Centre. 

Tony Cook, Head of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith and Adviser for the Bath Archdeaconry, said, “It was such a privilege to join young people from across the Dioceses of Bath and Wells and Bristol, who didn’t know each other, to make new friends, do some great outdoor activities and have fun together."


Friday evening started with a 'getting to know each other' session. Later that evening there was star gazing and hot chocolate before heading off to bed as they had an early start the next day. Saturday morning started at Hewish with raft building and an assault course. By the time both activities came to an end, most of the young people were completely saturated as they'd jumped in the river and scrambled through muddy fields. Then it was on to archery. At the end of this activity the main instructor said, “In 17 years of working at the Centre, I have never experienced working with such a special group of young people." He said, "It took great courage to come together for the weekend without knowing each other. They need to share whatever it is they have with the rest of the world”. 

After supper on the Saturday evening, the group gathered around the fire pit for s’mores. Tony said, “During this time, we had an amazing conversation about what it is like growing up in a clergy household. The young people realised they were not alone in sharing some unique experience of what it is like growing up in a clergy household.”

Sunday morning saw 20 teenagers flying down a synthetic ski slope on plastic trays, as the whole group went tobogganing. Tony said, "Watching them all come hurtling down the hill was truly something to behold. “A great weekend was had by all.


Read the report on the weekend and dates for Life to the Max 2023.


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