Manna feature: Taking action for good

18th December 2023

One way Whiteway Pioneer Rachel Spence supports her community is through football.

Christian communities across Bath and Wells support the neighbourhoods they serve in a host of different ways – from the more traditional support for initiatives such as community fridges and foodbanks that address food poverty, to walking alongside their community and fostering community growth in more unexpected places like football clubs and workplaces.

In Bath, individual churches from different denominations have come together in a new network facilitated by the Genesis Trust, recognising that by linking their community hubs they can collectively offer ‘good help’ to individuals and families in every part of the city.

Pippa Page, Reader at All Saints Weston, says, “’Good Help’ is helping people move forward with their lives in whatever way is right for them – in contrast to not-good help which is well-meaning social action that perpetuates dependency. By connecting via a Churches Hublink Network, our network of 23 churches from Bath can support each other and learn from each other to offer just that. Every church will continue to offer their communities help through their own community hubs, but by coming together we can become a shared mission of the church, a shared resource for the city.”

We may live in challenging times, but there are Christian communities - in churches, in workplaces and in schools - who are taking action for good. Could you join in where you are?

This article featured in the January 2024 edition of the Manna mailing.

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