Manna interview: Amplifying young voices

30th April 2024

Cesca Priestley, Growing Faith Adviser, tells us why it’s important to listen to young people.

How can youth participation make a difference?

Raising the profile of the youth voice will enable young people to share their views and their thoughts. Ensuring they are heard by leaders across the diocese will enable us to really integrate them into the life of the church.

Why do young people sometimes feel they’re not listen to?

Young people often feel things are decided for them, or they’re not included in discussions about things set up for them.

How can we listen to young people more effectively? 

Carving out time is the most important thing. Give them the opportunity to be involved. Maybe on a Sunday, but it might mean meeting them where they are. Think of a couple of simple questions that are relevant to something you’d like their input on.

Why is it important that we hear from young people?

They’re the new disciples of Jesus. To help them on their journey of faith we need to value and listen to them. Young people are also really good at sharing the Gospel and sharing Jesus. Listening to what they say often brings new ideas that everyone can share.

How are churches implementing young people’s ideas?

At one church the young people felt they had outgrown the provision for them and didn’t have a role. The leadership team listened. Now they’re part of teams such as welcome and worship.

You‘re launching a blog for young people, how can they get involved? 

The content will be from young people and children. It can be a video, an article, photo, artwork, or poem. Each blog will have a theme. Know any young people who would like to contribute?

Email: cesca.priestley@ bathwells.







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