Manna interview: A big help!

2nd May 2023

St John’s, Peasedown PCC member, Joy Fraser is Chair of the Hive Community Centre Committee which is hoping to benefit from the Big Help Out. 

What is the Hive? 

The Hive Community Centre is run by the residents of Peasedown St John through its Management Committee with the aim of providing a vibrant space for young people, a place where residents can come together and where they can find help and support when they need it. 

What support are you hoping for with the Big Help Out? 

We are hoping to get some support on the day to have a bit of a spring clean, spruce up the outside space, clean the windows – just as you like to do at home. We are hoping some people may continue their support beyond the day and help in other ways on an ongoing basis. 

What kind of support do you get currently? 

The Hive project sits on the charitable status of St John’s Church and members of the church sit on our committee alongside people from the local Methodist and Catholic churches, as well as those with no church affiliation. We have volunteers from all sections of the community. 

What areas do you need more help with? 

We could really do with more support for our excellent youth workers. Getting some volunteers one to help with simple things such as making the tea or clearing up will allow them to devote more time to work directly with the young people. 

Are you planning anything else for the Coronation? 

We’ll be getting the bunting out on the Friday and having a Coronation theme for our regular Friday morning Waffle Café. On the day we are working with the local Village Agent to host particularly those who would be home on their own so they can enjoy the Coronation with others. We have applied for funding to give them a lunch, so hopefully that will happen. 

If you are interested in helping the Hive either for the Big Help Out or beyond, email:


This interview was first featured in the May edition of the Manna mailing.

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