Plans to create a permanent base for Haywood Village Church are launched

10th May 2024

The commissioning service for Revd Fiona Mayne was also a wonderful opportunity to launch a £1million pound fund raising project to build a permanent structure to serve as both a church and a community hub for Haywood Village, Weston-super-Mare. The service was held at Haywood Village Academy, which is currently the home for the church. Under Fiona’s leadership, Haywood Village Church has evolved from humble beginnings to a thriving community. Initiatives like the Take 5 pop-up café and Tea and Toast Church have played a pivotal role in fostering connections and building a sense of belonging. 

At her commissioning service, which marked the end of her curacy and the beginning of her permanent role leading Haywood Village Church, Fiona outlined plans for the start of the fund-raising campaign and explained that the church, which currently meets at the Academy on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, wants to establish their own premises and develop a community hub for the village. 

The Mayor of Weston-super-Mare, Ciaran Cronnelly, Archdeacon Adrian Youings, and Area Dean Andrew Hemming, attended the commissioning during which Fiona shared her own personal journey from atheism to Christianity, highlighting pivotal moments that led to her spiritual transformation. Her story resonated with attendees as she emphasised the significance of surrendering one's life to God, as reflected in the biblical passage Micah 6:8.

Fiona told of her encounters with people such as Dave Jeal, whose testimonial book, "Heart of a Hooligan" had a deep impact on her. A transformative holiday experience at a Christian Guild hotel solidified her belief in God, catalysing a profound inner shift and an understanding that she wanted God to be part of her life everyday, not just on holiday. So she contacted Dave who had included his email in the book he’d written and a simple accessible prayer to say if you wanted to accept Jesus:

Dear God
I know that I mess things up on my own. I just ask you now to help me to turn away from my old life. I thank you that Jesus died on the cross so that I can be forgiven for all the bad stuff I’ve ever done. I just ask you to fill me with your holy spirit and give me strength to follow you Lord

This newfound faith prompted Fiona to leave her career as an Independent Financial Adviser and embark on a journey of theological training, eventually leading to her ordination. The Haywood Village church community grew, and developed, until it officially came into existence on Easter Sunday 2017.

The vision for a permanent church and community hub took shape in collaboration with Persimmon, with plans for a modern, two-story structure. Despite logistical challenges, including uncertainty regarding land availability, the church remains steadfast in its fundraising efforts, supported by the Diocese of Bath and Wells and committed members of the community. Fiona says, “God has done amazing things at Haywood village so far. It is exciting to see how he will build his church and how the plans will come to fruition.”

Images of the proposed church and community hub

If you would like to support the church, donations and involvement are welcomed, details are available on the Haywood Village Church website. If you are able you can donate using the QR code 


As Revd Mayne and her team continue to navigate the path towards realising their vision, the community stands united in anticipation of a brighter tomorrow. 

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