Prayers and hymns on the water in the rain

16th July 2021

Last weekend’s cold and wet weather didn't prevent a crowd gathering on the quayside in Porlock Weir as Revd Ann Gibbs blessed the Pilot Gig Club‘s two rowing boats, ‘Goose’ and ‘Circe’.

The club, which was founded 2018 by Ben Allerton, has grown in popularity and is helping to bring the community together to enjoy an exciting sport, some exercise and the beautiful countryside.

In the short time it's been running the club has attracted members of all ages, including Revd Ann who changed out of her cassock after the blessing, picked up her oars and headed out on the water with the rest of the crews.

She said, “Three years ago I was introduced to pilot gig rowing and found a sport I love. Our little club at Porlock Weir continues to grow despite the interruptions caused by lockdowns. It was my absolute privilege and delight to bless our new gig, ‘’Goose” and our refurbished gig, “Circe”.

“It could not have been a wetter evening but that didn’t stop our celebrations. It was such a joy to have so many from the community come to support us. Prayers and hymns were said and sung and then (dispensing with cassock and surplice) I joined the crews to row out into the bay. There is a lot of interest in this little club locally with new people coming along all the time, which is wonderful to see.”