Same Sea Different Boats

2nd July 2021

The staff and pupils at St Cuthbert’s St Cuthbert's Church of England Junior School in Wells have been busy creating a wonderful art and wellbeing project to illustrate their feelings and thoughts about the pandemic. The project has the theme of 'Same Sea Different Boats'; and is linked to Covid 19 and illustrates everyone’s experience of this unique time in history.  

The project started in April when staff were part of training with a psychologist to discuss their own experiences of lockdown and the impact the pandemic had on them and their family.  From this, they worked together to set up the art and well-being project with the Same Sea Different Boats theme. Every pupil, staff member and parent to was asked to make a patchwork square with a boat representing how they felt through lockdown. 

When the squares were completed, they were made into the most wonderful quilt. 

Head teacher Helen Mullinger said: “The project has been successful on many different levels.  Children have been given the space and time to explore emotions linked to lockdown and the restrictions caused by the pandemic. It has given everyone in school the chance to be together doing a joint project towards a shared goal. Even though children and staff are working in separate bubble groups across school, this project managed to bring us all together.  The quality of the quilt is fantastic and it is going to be hung in school, taking pride of place in the library. “