Stepping down as Lay Chair of Diocesan Synod

30th July 2021

At Diocesan Synod on 28 July Mary Masters formerly stepped down from her role as Lay Chair. Mary, who has been Lay Chair for six years thanked members of synod for their “support and kindness”. 

Bishop Ruth said, “Mary has been one of the outstanding servants of the diocese.  Her wisdom, knowledge, listening ear and willingness to speak for and on behalf of others has been a very real gift to us.  I know she will continue to give of herself to God even though she now steps down from her role as Chair of the House of Laity.”

Speaking of the two terms she served, Mary said that when she began, she was, “extremely nervous of the role and what it entailed. As I grew into it, so I began to appreciate it more and more.“I think for me there have been several highlights, but one in particular is the collegiality of the Bishops Staff and the other Lay Chairs, now Lay Deans, which has been wonderful, and I have had such great support from everybody, which has been lovely.

“During my time as Diocesan Lay Chair, until the pandemic, we had an annual get together of all the Lay Chairs of the deaneries and that created a great sense of fellowship, and from that grew a mutual support network, which seemed to me to be very important.  Friendships made through that network continue.”

Mary has now been elected to the new Diocesan Synod as one of the representatives Glastonbury Jurisdiction, “I shall look forward to being there as a normal member and taking part in the debates and discussions that we have and supporting the new Lay Chair.”

A new Lay Chair will be elected at the next diocesan synod in October.