Talking finance together

25th November 2022

Over 400 people from across the parishes of our diocese, including treasurers, PCC secretaries, churchwardens and clergy, have taken part in a series of Zoom sessions to talk about our finances. Each of the sessions was hosted by one of the bishops or archdeacons and opened with a theological reflection on 1 John and the call to ‘love and mutuality’.

Bishop Michael said, “The most common commandment in the Bible is do not be afraid. At the moment, we are living through times when fear or anxiety is very present around us and there are many reasons for that. We respond to that fear in many ways but if we look at some of the verses of the first letter of John, which was written to a community divided and in crisis, we can see that our calling in challenging times is to respond not in fear, but out of love. Not just with words or speech, but by truth and action, and in mutality and togetherness.”

After watching a video hearing from parishes about their concerns and worries, and of positive steps they have taken to address their financial challenges, attendees had time to discuss their own situations.

A presentation and question and answer session about the financial position of the Diocesan Board of Finance followed before a final reflection on 1 Kings Chapter 17.


Watch the theological reflection with Bishop Michael

Watch the Financial Update presentation with commentary from Head of Finance, Matthew Pinnock

Download the powerpoint presentation from the Financial Conversations

Questions and answers from the sessions

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