Zambia - Bath & Wells Link

3rd May 2024

During his second week in Zambia Bishop Michael met with clergy in Zambia’s Northern Diocese to think about the Zambia - Bath & Wells link. He said, “All of us recognised the value of the link but also that it has been difficult for it to flourish during the COVID pandemic. We need to think afresh about how to bring new life to the link now that time is increasingly behind us. In both Zambia and Bath & Wells there has been lots of turnover during the last five years as both clergy and laity have moved on to new places. Everyone agreed that unless such transitions are managed carefully, relationships built up through the link can be diminished or even lost. There is a strong desire to think about finding new ways for us to grow in common purpose together."

Some of the ideas generated included a desire to work with schools, around issues of the environment and of learning through our different insights how all of us can know Christ better. Bishop Michael said he is “looking forward to taking these conversations forward here in Zambia, and to having them further when I get home to Bath and Wells.”


After meeting with the clergy Bishop Michael saw some wonderful examples of the Zambia – Bath and Wells link in action.

In Kwacha East he visited the church whose foundation stone was laid by Bishop Jim. The parish is linked with Chew Magna whose support led to the building of its vicarage. At St James Parish, Buchi, Bishop Michael saw how help from St Mary’s, Bathwick, has enabled the church to build some housing units on its land. These are now generating revenues that support the church and its ministries.


Anglican churches are growing rapidly in Zambia leading to the planting of new congregations, the enlargement of existing buildings and new activities that enable outreach. Much support for this growth comes through the generous giving of local congregations, some through the support of local donors and some through support from parishes in Bath and Wells. An example of this is St Claire’s, Chililabombwe. Support from St Andrew’s, Banwell has enabled the previous small church to be replaced by a fine, new larger church building. Funds from St Andrew’s have also enabled the purchase of brass instruments and drums for the church’s Boys Brigades’ band which is proving to be highly popular with young people in the church.

New church building at Chililabombwe - built with support from St Andrew’s, Banwell.

Bishop Michael also spent time with the community of St Mary's and St John's parish in Kwacha East.


Enabling the Church to be sustainable is just as much a challenge in Zambia as it is in Bath and Wells, if not more. In Zambia, the church has been able to make some investments in properties whose rents pay for ministry. One of the properties developed was undertaken with help from Bath and Wells in the early 2000s. Trinity Church Wall Street helped too. Together these investments are helping support the Church’s mission and ministry.

Later in the week Bishop Michael met members of the Zambian Anglican Council which supports the work of all five Zambian dioceses. Amongst the team he met with the council’s operations programme which enables much of the development activities of churches across the country. He commented that "It was terrific to understand more of the scale and depth of the work that’s being undertaken."



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