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Church of England guidance: Updated Monday, 4 October

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  • Are there specific restrictions for Remembrance Sunday services?
  • Will churches use vaccine certification / vaccines passports?
  • How do I get a flu vaccine?

The Church of England welcomes the publication of the Government's Autumn and Winter plan, recognising the very positive effects of the vaccination campaign and also the ongoing risks posed by Covid-19. We note the Government's commitment that communal worship, weddings, funerals and other commemorative events would not become subject to vaccination certification, even under 'Plan B'. We will continue to monitor the situation as we move towards Christmas.

In July, following the lifting of many restrictions by the Governement, the archdeacons sent the following message to clergy, churchwardens and lay leaders in our churches,

"We know that many of you will have already been giving consideration to this guidance. The emphasis is that church leaders are best placed to know their own communities and environments and we are conscious of the time and thought this involves for you all. Our guidance at this time, is to proceed with care and caution in the light of current Covid rates.

"There will be times when there are different emphases and attitudes to risk locally and our thoughts are very much with you in interpreting this guidance.  Do not hesitate to contact the office of your Archdeacon if you have specific questions and queries."

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The below 'Marking our communities' resources have been prepared by The Liturgical Commission: