Resources for Racial Justice Sunday

1st February 2022

Racial Justice Sunday banner different faces of people of all races

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland has produced a resource for Racial Justice Sunday, which this year is on 13 February. This year reflects on the importance of everyone recognising themselves, their race, their culture and their history in the life of the Church.

For those who have previously not engaged with Racial Justice Sunday because they did not feel equipped to do so, this resource will provide the tools to play an active role in this work.

It is an opportunity for all churches to focus on the three ‘R’s of ‘Remembering’, ‘Reflecting’ and ‘Responding’:

  • Remembering the importance of racial justice.
  • Reflecting on human diversity and thanking God for it.
  • Responding by working to end injustice, racism and ignorance through prayer and action.

Already planned your service for Sunday, 13 February? Don't worry, you can still use the resources on another Sunday.

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